Updated 19th June 2013
Please read below pressrelease why we have changed the name of the show - thank you for supporting THE SHOW:

"THE SHOW" must go on.....

If you said A, one must also say B. But adding the two letters in reverse order - ie ABBA - is more problematic. Certain limitations apply to the legitimate use of the name “ABBA” as a name or title. Even for our acclaimed tribute show to the famous Swedish pop group this is true. “We may no longer use the group's name in the title of this great show. So we have decided to call it: "THE SHOW" - followed by a subtitle "A tribute to ABBA", says CEO/Producer Carsten Svoldgaard.

Recently the Maritime and Commercial Court has confirmed that Universal Music Group has all rights in the name “ABBA” due to their ownership (through their sister company Polar Music) of the trademark “ABBA”. “Of course it is a decision that we - just like any other - must align ourselves with”, Carsten Svoldgaard continues. “But it does not change the fact that we will continue touring the show world-wide, where more than 2 million people in 38 countries over 5 continents for 12 years has experienced our show. Now with the corrected title: "THE SHOW – a tribute to ABBA"

“THE SHOW” will still have the excellent Katja Nord and Camilla Dahlin from the Swedish band Waterloo (or/and their understudies) in front of “THE SHOW” featuring original ABBA musicians such as Ulf Andersson (sax), Lasse Wellander (Guitar), Janne Schaffer (guitar), Mats Ronander (guitar), Rutger Gunnarsson (bass) & Roger Palm (drums) among others who have toured with “THE SHOW” numerous times before. The National Symphony Orchestra of London under the leadership of MD/conductor Matthew Freeman is of course also still a big part of the show so nothing else has changed.

Awards and fans
With more than 2 million tickets sold in 38 countries over 5 continents “THE SHOW” can well deserve to be labeled as a huge audience success but “THE SHOW” has also won official recognition. In 2010 “THE SHOW” won the price for BEST SHOW at The Limelight Awards in London – “THE SHOW” won in front of the shows THRILLER LIVE, DIRTY DANCING and PRISCILLA THE MUSICAL.

Carsten Svoldgaard continues, ”To win the Limelight award was the jewel of several years of dedicated work in building “THE SHOW”. But the most important thing for us is still the love from the thousands of ABBA fans that come to see “THE SHOW” year after year. Not the least the Official International ABBA Fan Club who have given “THE SHOW” the greatest recognition:
”Absolutely the best ABBA since ABBA.”
The Official International ABBA Fan Club

Keep a close eye on the website to find out where “THE SHOW” will play. The new domain for the website is:

Updated 19th February 2013
We have done 5 out of our 21 shows for the annual European Arena tour and we thrilled to say this is without doubt the best tour we have ever done. The show is better than ever and the response from the audience is as well - thank U all for the big support and we cannot wait for our days off the be over with :-).

Updated 31st October 2011
We have begun our 10 years anniversary year with 3 sold out shows in Norway and then 6 amazing shows in Brazil where we played the last show on Saturday. In 11 days we start a 20 dates tour in the UK and immediately after Christmas the show will hit China for the very first time (show dates to be announced shortly). A few days after coming back from China we will return to the big Arenas in Northern Europe expecting more than 80,000 people if we can keep the same numbers as the previous 4 years. Then Russia & Ukraine in February and Denmark and Finland in March. This means we will visit 15 different countries in 6 months - thanx to the whole world for your fantastic support :-).

Hope to see you out there at one or more shows the next few months.

Best wishes
Kenneth Svoldgaard - Producer

Updated 15th of June 2011

Thanks to the Russian and Turkish promoter for taking good care of us. We had a great time

Please take a look under tour/ticket for our next tour in Scandinavian 2012

Kinds regards,
Esther Guldberg
Assistant Producer

Updated 6th of June 2011

Please take a look under tour/ticket for our next European tour in 2012

Kinds regards
Esther Guldberg
Assistant Producer

Updated 11th May 2011

On the 4th of June 2011 we will visit Russia for the first time.
Russia will be country number 35 we have visited.
We look forward to performing for the Russian people.

Kinds regards
Esther Guldberg
Assistant Producer

Updated 7th December 2010
British award to Danish-Swedish production of Abba.

The well-reputed IQ Magazine has just awarded its coveted Limelight Award for 2010 to the Danish-produced ABBA THE SHOW, THE ULTIMATE TRIBUTE TO ABBA. The reason: This year’s best musical show world wide.

Read more under press.

Also we just finalized our second tour in Brazil, which was fantastic. We hope to come back soon.

Please see tour/ticket for dates in United Kingdom next year.

Kinds regards
Esther Guldberg
Assistant Producer

Updated 5th August 2010
We have had a great summer tour in the US and for the third time the Hollywood Bowl invited us back where nearly 18,000 people once again sung and danced with us - we cannot wait to come back again and hopefully next year!

We will the next couple of days announce more shows so have a look at the tour/tickets section so you can buy your ticket asap.

Have a continously great summer and we are looking forward seeing you all again sometime soon.

With best ABBA THE SHOW wishes
Kenneth Svoldgaard - Producer

Ps! The show in Gyor Hungary 28th August is a free admission show so don't miss it :o)

Updated 11th June 2010
We just finalized a fantastic tour in Brazil.
It has been a great pleasure performing for you and we are so thrilled about the response at the shows as well as in our guestbook - THANK YOU!!!

Now we are looking forward to go to the States in June and July, and in August we will
perform in Györ Hungary on the 28th.

Kinds regards
Esther Guldberg
Assistant Producer

Updated 20th May 2010
Per 20th May 2010 the show has been performed more than 400 times to more than 2 million people in 33 different countries - see below:


Listed in order of appearance (first year of appearance):
1. Norway (2001)
2. Denmark (2001)
3. Sweden (2001)
4. Estonia (2002)
5. USA (2002)
6. Canada (2003)
7. Germany (2003)
8. Holland (2003)
9. The Philippines (2004)
10. Spain (2006)
11. Switzerland (2006)
12. India (2006)
13. Kazakhstan (2007)
14. England (2007)
15. Japan (2007)
16. Finland (2008)
17. Cyprus (2008)
18. Scotland (2008)
19. Austria (2009)
20. Luxembourg (2009)
21. Hungary (2009)
22. Czech Republic (2009)
23. Malta (2009)
24. Italy (2009)
25. Faroe Islands (2009)
26. Morocco (2009)
27. Northern Ireland (2009)
28. Ireland (2009)
29. Wales (2009)
30. Belgium (2010)
31. Slovakia (2010)
32. Slovenia (2010)
33. Brazil (2010)

Kind regards
Kenneth Svoldgaard

Updated 26th April 2010
We are happy to announce that ABBA will return to USA in June and July.
Please see the tour/ticket section for specific tour dates and venues info.

Kinds regards
Esther Guldberg
Assistant Producer

Updated 22nd April 2010
21st April 2010 ABBA THE SHOW performed show number 400 in Arena Fyn Odense Denmark. That is more than 3 times as many shows than the original icons.

We have asked The Official International ABBA Fan Club how many concerts ABBA actually did and we received this interesting email:

Dear Kenneth,

A hard question so I asked our expert - well and here is his long answer;

As always it's a question of definition what ABBA is, and what a live concert is. They performed as Festfolket in 1970, but that was not really concerts but shows with skits and music, but just one of their own songs performed together. Even before that they performed once in Cyprus...´

Do one count TV shows like Dick Cavett - it was live, and there was an audience, but it was a TV recording, but since there were a few songs performed you might count that as two concerts as recorded during two days. Same goes for ABBA in Switzerland TV show.

What about the performance at a festival in the US where they played two songs live?

I would not count the above here, but start with the 1973 Folkpark tour, with reservation mentioned for that one as well. The figures are the ones I know by heart or clearly stated estimations that I can find out if wanted:

1973 Folkpark tour. I don't have the exact numbers in my head but it was probably about 20 concerts (about 30 minutes long...), usually two a day. This was however just as much a concert with the four individuals as they performed some solo songs from their careers, and some of the material perfomed by the group was not written by B&B. THey were not called ABBA yet officially here.

First real "ABBA" tour: Europe November 1974. It was very short as several were cancelled due to lack of interest. It was only in Denmark, Germany and Austria, maybe six in total?

Jan 1975, Scandinavia estimate 10-12 concerts.

Summer 75 Folkpark tour in Sweden and Finland, 16 concerts (including Gröna Lund which of course is not a Folkpark)

1977 Australia + Europe total 26 ( 15 in Europe and 11 in Australia )

1979 THe North American & European Tour 39 concerts (17 in Canada/USA and 22 in Europe. There were five at Wembley, right? I have deleted the cancelled in Washington)

1980 Japan 11 concerts

So if you start counting ABBA in 1973, and only count public concerts with a paying audience and require a minimum of three songs to call it a concert, I'd say just under 130 in total.

Kindest regards

We are looking forward to continue performing the fantastic music of ABBA and are looking forward enjoying every future show with you all. See U outthere sometime soon.

Kind regards
Kenneth Svoldgaard

Updated 16th April 2010
I am happy and proud to announce our first Brazilian tour in May next month - Please see the tour/ticket section for specific tour dates and venues info.

Kinds regards
Esther Guldberg
Assistant Producer

Updated 12th March 2010
Thank you very much for great responds at our third big European Arena Tour and for all the fantastic comments we have received from all of you in our guestbook as well as on our Facebook fan site.

We have had more than 150,000 people at our show during January & February and we are very proud and happy about the big support you have given us (again) - THANK YOU!!!

Now we are looking forward to go back to the US, where we will tour the next two weeks.

In April we will start our Scandinavian concert hall tour in Esbjerg, Denmark, on the 13th of April and in May we will visit Brazil for the very first time - tour dates to be announced asap!

Kinds regards
Esther Guldberg
Assistant Producer

Updated 22nd December 2009
We just finalized a fantastic UK tour. It has been a great pleasure performing for you and we are so thrilled about the response at the shows as well as in our guestbook - THANK YOU!!!

Now we are on a break over the holidays and we are very excited about the upcoming European tour which kicks off in Malmø Sweden 10th January 2010.

We have recently launched a facebook site so if you want to become a fan please click at the icon at the bottom of this website.

On behalf of ABBA THE SHOW happy holidays and happy New Year - we are looking forward to see you at our next show out there.

Kind regards

Updated 22nd September 2009
12th September 2009 was a historical day for the show. A true ABBA fan, Jon Nebus, proposed to his girlfriend Vanessa Live on stage at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, GA USA just before we played the song I Do I Do I DO. If you want to see if Vanessa said "I Do" check:

Updated 30th June 2009
Once again we nearly sold out the Hollywood Bowl. The crowd there was fantastic and everybody were on their feets singing and dancing more or less throughout the whole show. Thank you Hollywood Bowl for inviting us again - we are looking forward for the next one - and thanx to the amazing crowd for making the night so special!!! My personal biggest moment of the show was when we dedicated the last song (Thank U for the Music) to Michael Jackson and all 17-18,000 people stood up and sang their hearts out - beautiful moment for a wonderful memorable artist!!!

Kind regards
Kenneth Svoldgaard

Updated 5th May 2009
Check out our new promo clip at the "specials" section - click on "video" - we are sure you are going to like it!!!

Updated 4th May 2009
More summer shows have now been announced in the tour section of this website. Please have a look at it and hopefully we will see you at one or more of our shows later this year!?

We will be returning to the Hollywood Bowl 27th June where we last were in 2004 and once again Super Diamond (Neil Diamand Tribute) is playing right after us. We hope to sell out the 18,000 tickets once again - time will show.....

Soon we will also be announcing our Arena tours so keep a close eye for more updates.

Kind regards
Kenneth Svoldgaard

Updated 25th March 2009
More than 100,000 people saw ABBA THE SHOW on the recent tour where we visited SWEDEN, DENMARK, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA, LUXEMBOURGH, CZECH REPUBLIC & HUNGARY. On behalf of everybody in ABBA THE SHOW thank you very much for the great response at all shows and a special thanks to all of you who have written amazing comments in our guestbook.

We are all looking forward to present our "new show" for you when we will back in the same countries (& a few more "new" countries") within the next year. We promise you another fantastic ABBA experience. Keep an eye on the tour section where we will announce all confirmed shows - it will happen soon!!!

Kind regards
Kenneth Svoldgaard

Updated 4th November 2008

I will encourage everybody who read this to go to the Guestbook section on this website and see the wonderful feedback we have received - THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TAKING TIME TO WRITE US WE TRULY APPRECIATE IT!!!

We are now preparing our next big Arena tour in January & February where we will be visiting SWEDEN, DENMARK, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA AND LUXEMBOURGH - HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!

Kind regards
Kenneth Svoldgaard

Updated 18th June 2008
I am happy and proud to announce our first proper UK tour is happening this October - see the tour/ticket section for specifik tour dates, venues and ticket info!

Other interesting news is that we will be performing at THE EXPO in Zaragoza Spain 6th August where ABBA THE MUSEUM also is present. I would like to encourage all of you to take time and come and get a pre-view of the forthcoming ABBA MUSEUM - preferable come on the same day as ABBA THE SHOW is playing there!

The show is currently touring in the US with great success where we have been so lucky to play with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra (reviewed) as well as the Pacific symphony orchestra. Next week we will be performing with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra before heading home for less than 4 weeks and then return back to tour the US for 10 more days.

An extensive German, Austria, Switzerland tour in January/February 2009 is being finalized these days (some shows already on sale) and will be announced here soon.

Have a great summer and and we are all looking forward seeing you at the next ABBA THE SHOW event.

Kind regards
Kenneth Svoldgaard

Updated 14th April 2008
Welcome to our new website. We hope you will find this page better and more useful than the old one!?

The last 8 months has without doubt been the greatest EVER for ABBA THE SHOW. Selling out the Royal Albert Hall in September with great reviews & and even greater , touring Japan for the very first time and conquering Germany with more than 75,000 spectators at only 13 shows it has just been hard to believe what the show has achieved not forgetting to mention the fantastic responds from audiences all over.

Speaking of the respond of the audience I need to include an email I received after our performance in Tampere Finland 1st March:

Hello Kenneth SV.
-show here in Tampere in Finland 1.3.08. My Friend Riitta had bought tickets for us and it was a great surprise.I enjoyed so much. Year 1974 was very significant for me: Abba won with its Waterloo, I got a new, permant job, My Son went to school and I got very loving boyfreind from Swede,
But my question: What was the last melody, which "Abba" song extra. It was something about friendship etc.It made me almost cry.
I was long also I Have a dream, which is my favourite. I will be please, if you answer me and tell the name of that song.
Kindly greetings from Tampere ,it´s snowing, so beautiful in the house surrounded by snow. Aila sundquist
(The answer of the question is "The Way Old Friends Do").
Aila's email made me very happy and proud. ABBA THE SHOW has succeeded keeping the fantastic music of ABBA alive in the best possible way and with the uttermost respect for ABBA. Please keep emailing us with your thoughts, ideas for improvements and criticism.

At the moment we are planning the rest of 2008 and even 2009. Please keep an eye on the tour/tickets section of the website where all confirmed shows will be published.

We are looking forward to present the show again for you.

Take care.

Kind regards
Kenneth Svoldgaard

Updated 2nd July 2007

You've seen the rest, now see the best!! There is no doubt that this is the most authentic ABBA show to date, featuring original band members including Ulf Andersson, Mats Ronander, Rutger Gunnarsson, Roger Palm and Lasse Wellander. It's like ABBA never left!

ABBA still sell around 2 million records a year & this show packs all their greatest hits into a 2 hour musical extravaganza. ABBA THE SHOW follows the ABBA story from their Eurovision beginnings all the way to major chart success. It is performed by Sweden's Waterloo, a world renowned group who bring ABBA to life, together with The National Symphony Orchestra of London conducted by Matthew Freeman.

ABBA THE SHOW has had phenomenal success around the globe reaching audiences in India, Spain and the USA, climaxing with a sold-out performance at the famous Hollywood Bowl. This new production for 2007 with even more epic lighting, sound and vision, will have its world premiere at London's Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 26th September!

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